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Historians sometimes speak of watershed moments in history. These are critical turning points signaling an important and permanent change of historical fortunes. Do you think there are watershed moments in the period between 1776 a - Essay Example

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Often times historians mention “watershed” moments, meaning major turning points in history that signify important, permanent changes of historical events. Perhaps the most significant changes in the United States came between 1776 which is the year in which Declaration of…
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Historians sometimes speak of watershed moments in history. These are critical turning points signaling an important and permanent change of historical fortunes. Do you think there are watershed moments in the period between 1776 a
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"Historians sometimes speak of watershed moments in history. These are critical turning points signaling an important and permanent change of historical fortunes. Do you think there are watershed moments in the period between 1776 a"

Download file to see previous pages The second watershed moment came at the turn of the eighteenth century known as the Revolution of 1800, which saw a peaceful transfer of power between two political parties in the significant election in 1800. The third watershed moment will be several compromises leading up to the Civil War that defined the growing sectionalist tensions between the industrial North and the agrarian South over the issue of slavery and state admission. The compromises included the Missouri Compromise, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the Compromise of 1850. These three moments are perhaps three of the most important watershed moments that have changed the course of U.S history in a significant way. This paper exemplifies the three watershed moments by giving specific examples that justify my belief as to why the moments qualify to be watershed moments.
The Revolutionary War resulted in the thirteen British colonies breaking away from their mother country and left a new government to experiment with the modern democracy. The War itself is significant enough, but the efforts by the founding fathers to form a new type of government for the United States should be noted much more for the political significance. From 1781, the thirteen colonies had been bound together by the Articles of Confederation, which was a loose form of government than its successor. Under the Confederation, Congress had successfully waged war, made alliances, secured loans, and experienced major success with the enactment of the Northwest Ordinance. However, it did not have the power to tax and could only ask for funds from the individual states, nor did it have the power to assemble a national army. Shay’s Rebellion was the significant event that led to the drafting of the Constitution in Massachusetts. It was an armed uprising by Massachusetts farmers, who were unhappy with the government. The Founders, alarmed at the slow government response against the uprising, met in 1787 in Philadelphia to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Historians Sometimes Speak of Watershed Moments in History. These Are Essay.
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