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Compare and contrast 2 liberal and 2 realist approaches to counter terrorism - Essay Example

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Numerous researchers and analysts have compiled various works to deal with various concepts that relate to this topic. Some of these researchers have come up with approaches that concern this topic, notably…
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Compare and contrast 2 liberal and 2 realist approaches to counter terrorism
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"Compare and contrast 2 liberal and 2 realist approaches to counter terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, liberals are of the opinion that terrorism is a menace amongst the many others in the society. Liberalists also argue that terrorism can only be handled by coming up with strategies and institutions that would aid in dealing with terrorism. In the view of the liberalists, through the deployment of intelligence forces, it is possible to combat terrorism,. Liberalists also argue that law enforcement forces are vital in handling terrorism.
This paper shall analyze the differences between liberalist and realists approaches on eradication of terrorism. Light will be shed on the realist works by Alex Bellamy and Jason Motlagh and liberalist works by John Mueller and Henry Munson.
In Bellamys work, torture is one of the measures that is of the essence to the realists (121). In the event of the devastating September bombing, it became evident that the entire globe is under risk and at the mercies of the terrorists. In this case, torturing and manipulating terrorists has been beneficial in extracting information from them. Apart from the legal and moral constraints, torture has been beneficial in the protection of the US citizens from terror attacks. Bellamy continues to argue that the media can be used to justify this fact by televising the success of torture in acquiring information from terrorists (127). At times, tortures can lead to the death of suspected terrorists. Studies indicate that with the fewer cases of suspects under trial, torture has been embraced as one the most effectual means of combating crime.
Motlaghs work is yet another that applies realist approaches in the analysis of assessment. The government of Sri Lanka has been seen to apply the aid of agencies in an attempt to protect its citizens from clashes and calamities (Motlagh 1). This is an interpretation of the fact that this work is more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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