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Transition to democracy in the Developing World - Assignment Example

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However, these diverse views are converged by basic common thoughts of what an ideal democratic society or state should comprise of. One of the underlying factors…
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Transition to democracy in the Developing World
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"Transition to democracy in the Developing World"

Download file to see previous pages Cases of abuse of office, indepth corruption and weak systems that scuttle efforts of accountability are just some of the major challenges facing developing countries. Different groups of scholars have fronted views on how most of the countries in the developing world can transition to democracy. Among the areas which have been identified to be needing urgent redress to foster democracy include; history of that particular country, role of civil society and State capacity (Kaufman and Haggard 42-44).
However, the wave of democratization also referred to by some scholars as the third wave of democratization brought out the fact that democracy is not only inclined to economic level of development. Considerable debates are currently unfolding on how and whether, institutional conditions, social, economic and structural factors impact on democratization prospects and also on how democratic political systems in these countries can be sustained.
Democratization sequencing has fronted the idea of establishment of well functioning States and the rule of law as major prerequisites in democratization (Kaufman and Haggard 58). Taking Kenya as an example of one of the developing countries in Africa, we begin by analyzing the commitment to rule of law and the aspect of a well functioning State. In 2007 after general election, Kenya was in turmoil following a disputed presidential election. The opposition alleged that the incumbent had denied conceding defeat. This occurrence led to bloody skirmishes for nearly two months leading to lose of lives and displacement of populations. The electoral commission was blamed for allegedly announcing the results of a flouted election.
In response to the preceding events, a deal was brokered between the incumbent and his closest rival in the just concluded disputed polls leading to the formation of a grand coalition government. First in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transition to Democracy in Africa revolution. Today, many parts of the African continent and across the world are experiencing civil wars, with international terrorism plugging both developing and developed world into a state of anarchy. There is need to design democratic preventive and resolution methods to create a peaceful world free from hatred, bitterness, wars, enmity, and oppression (Donaldson and Marais, 2002). The experiences by South Africa may provide some invaluable insights for transition to democracy for other countries. The apartheid regime responsible for the reign of terror for more than four decades and the subsequent incarceration...
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Democracy in the Third World terms of real freedom for people suffering from these after effects has been sought in recent times. (Auyero, 2001) Conclusion The discussion of the above elements will reveal that the survival of democracy is crucial for the transition of Third World countries to developing countries. The basic finding of this paper is that for the survival of democracy in these countries, there is a need to focus resources and policy changes on the basic human rights. This will intensify the support for democracy. This must be done through the use of official and non official participants in the policy making process, besides the use of mechanisms...
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...Your full full October 25, Democracy in the Arab World Before going into the discussion regarding democracy in the Arab world, let us get a better understanding of what democracy actually is. The basic meaning of democracy is rule of people in any particular state. Democracy is based on the freely expressed will of people to develop economic, social, and, political systems of their country (Alingham). Democracy is the real form for a government. In democracy, nothing can be done against the demand of the public because a democratic government has its roots in the public...
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...Gladys argument focuses on the fact that democracies cannot wage successful wars as the case of Athenians waging war in Sicily’s. I do support her argument that democratic countries should distinguish between good and bad leaders, but I find certain flaws in her argument. In her argument, Gladys fails to define the key term that is a democracy and what it stands for in the war. This creates a flaw in her premises that leads to her conclusion. This creates ambiguity for the reader since one cannot relate the key term with the premises in her argument that weak generals were chosen to engage in the war. I agree with Gladys’ premises that suggest the country frightened their generals into sending better news home than the facts... on the...
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