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What is Confucius' concept of good government and the ideal state - Essay Example

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Owing to his reputation as a teacher, he got an appointment to a government position. Initially, he held minor posts before advancing to justice minister. He did not hold these positions for long…
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What is Confucius concept of good government and the ideal state
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"What is Confucius' concept of good government and the ideal state"

Download file to see previous pages It mainly aimed at assisting leaders maintain local order, keep tradition, and maintaining a steady living standard for peasants. Those who adhered to this school got training in loyalty, traditional rituals, and generosity 1(Bell, 2008). In addition, the school taught respect for the old and superiors. Confucius honored the ancient ways of life, which he encouraged his students to master. For example, he urged them to read the Book of Documents as well as the Book of changes. His philosophy included embracing Chinese values, which included proper performance of traditional rituals 1(Bell, 2008).
Confucius proposed that proper governance could be established by embracing virtue and benevolence. He emphasized that the leader had to be good; this way, people would follow what is right. Therefore, he taught that leaders should be excellent examples to the subjects to enhance the creating of a true empire. The Confucius concept advanced that all the posts in the government had to be 1based on righteousness and virtue. As a result, the ruled class, seeing their leaders as upright and benevolent, would also become upright. Therefore, this concept states that an ideal state should have leaders whose virtues can be emulated by those they rule. 2(Bell, 2008)
In his book, Bell argues that the Confucius concept of good governance and the ideal state has three essential doctrines. The first doctrine of this concept is benevolence, which Confucius regarded as something people have to cultivate in themselves. Enlightened self interest plays a key role in approaching benevolence. For governance to succeed, leaders have to put themselves in the position of those they rule. State leaders should treat other people accordingly. To this concept, benevolence entails doing unto others what one would like them to do to him or herself. Thus, this concept places emphasis on the need for benevolence and treating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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