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Why did the Continental Congress select George Washington of Virginia to command its army Assess Washingtons service as commander of the Continental forces - Research Paper Example

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His physical size, charisma, energy, courage, wealth, temperament, patriot and ambition led him to selection in important positions during his life (Schwartz 27).
On June…
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Why did the Continental Congress select George Washington of Virginia to command its army Assess Washingtons service as commander of the Continental forces
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"Why did the Continental Congress select George Washington of Virginia to command its army Assess Washingtons service as commander of the Continental forces"

Download file to see previous pages He was designated as the General and Commander in Chief of the United Colonies (Schwartz 20).
It is apparent that several factors must have influenced the Continental congress decision in selecting George Washington to be the Commander of the continental forces. He was a Southerner and delegates believed he was the best man who could unite all the colonies (Martin 25). George Washington was also wealthy; hence the delegates of the Continental congress believed that Washington could not be influenced by corruption in his duties. George Washington was also courageous and fearless and a determined competent leader. He was going to head a military which was under civilian rule of the new congress. Washington understood fully all his functions as a military leaders since he choose strategies, operations and tactics which led to victory (Martin 32).
In March 1776, he carried out his first tactical attack by occupying the Dorchester Heights after planting artillery which brought down Fort Ticonderoga. This move forced British to evacuate from Boston. Washington courage made him cross to Delaware on a cold and stormy night where he attacked Hessian garrison of Trenton, New Jersey and captured more than 900 prisoners. Tactically he avoided British forces traps from a large force which was deployed in Trenton. His success and withdrawal to Princeton compelled the British forces to eastern New Jersey. He continued attaining victories by mastering his battlefield strategies. He held the army together and avoided any discontentment amongst his Continental forces (Schwartz 28).
He confronted General Howe’s forces in Philadelphia but was defeated but did not give up hence he decided to relocate to York. His tactical capabilities made him decide to send his well trained forces to the North in order to counter any threat of invasion from Canada by British force which was under General Burgoyne. He prevented the attempts of General Howe to rescue General ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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