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=> With what occurred in history, it can be said that “an obvious shortcoming to the Constitution and Bills of Rights was their failure to abolish slavery” (Harr, Hess, and Orthmann 91). It is said that the “Bill of Rights.guaranteed American citizens basic freedoms that…
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Download file to see previous pages Constitution since the Bill of Rights because the Fourteenth Amendment ensures that equal protection by the law will be given not only to citizens of the nation, but to all people as well (Harr, Hess, and Orthmann 93). This is because it makes clear the definition of an American citizen, guaranteeing that other minority groups who were disregarded before would be given the same rights as the others. It can be said that this amendment is as crucial today as it had been before. Several current cases in constitutional law are rooted in these two basic rights of “due process of law” and “equal protection of the law” (Harr, Hess, and Orthmann 94).
=> The Fourteenth Amendment is mainly intended to “prevents(s) state or local governments from infringing of peoples rights when federal government would not be allowed to” (Harr, Hess, and Orthmann 118). Since its passage in 1868, the provisions granted by the Bill of Rights were slowly applied to the states. However, this process perhaps had not been an overnight work. Therefore, the entire Bills of Rights has not been embraced by the Fourteenth Amendment because “the tremendous changes occurring in the norms of this emerging country had to be given ample time to evolve on their own” (Harr, Hess, and Orthmann 119). This is because societal norms have always been the basis on interpreting the Constitution (Harr, Hess, and Orthmann 119). It can be argued that whatever part of the Bill of Rights that has not been embraced by the Fourteenth Amendment is not yet needed in present times. An evolution of the societal norms might make it possible in the future that the entire Bill of Rights will be included in the Amendment.
=> ᜃᜍᜒᜋ᜔ᜃᜍᜒᜋ᜔Yes, it can be said that the framers of the Constitution were racist. This can be seen on few cases like The Dred Scott decision in 1856 and Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896 (Harr, Hess, and Orthmann 123). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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#5 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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