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A Historian Promotes Militant Nationalism - Research Paper Example

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Militarism as a term shows evidence of coming into existence only towards the end of the 19th century, which acts as an explanation to the social and economic climate of that era. The militarism that emerged out of a misplaced concept of nationalism saw an emergence in the…
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A Historian Promotes Militant Nationalism
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"A Historian Promotes Militant Nationalism"

Download file to see previous pages This article analyzes the studies from writings from Hunt’s research and text, and related research to arrive at a corroborative consensus whether “Historians promote Militant Nationalism”1 and why this was so.
When looking at Germany from a Post Prussian war perspective, the soldiers and the military divisions that contributed to the creation of Germany as a nation, dictated the social and cultural viewpoint of that times. The military was considered a Godsend and a soldier was their supreme leader. A lot of deference and importance was given to a soldier’s way of thinking. Amidst all this backdrop of military development, there was also an abundance of growth on the national sector. Roadways were built, science and medicine showed great advancements and technology of the time was at a boom. Art and culture also developed and lavished under this veil of social stability.
While nationalism was growing in Germany and Europe in general, the nations fought to strengthen their borders and gain supremacy over land and sea. This period also saw the rise of religious tensions as different religions fought to become independent and individual entities. As Hunt states, “By 1914, the air was even more charged, with militant nationalism in the Balkan states and conflicts in domestic politics propelling Europeans toward mass destruction.”2 Ethic loyalty took precedence over nationalist feelings.
The national leaders focused on maintaining their supremacy and sought war as the easiest and fastest solution to this tension, which they thought to be temporary. The undercurrent of militant nationalism became more forceful and the strengthening of the nation’s borders justified the growing spending on military advancements.
The common man was riddled by this socio-economic situation and became a part of this struggle to maintain the strength of their nation. Ironically Art, literature and sports blossomed in the midst of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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