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The American Navy in The War Of 1812 - Essay Example

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The present essay "The American Navy in The War Of 1812" dwells on the America army in the war of 1812. It is stated here that when the 1812 war was declared by the United States, its navy was in its toddling stage with just 22 vessels in hand…
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The American Navy in The War Of 1812
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"The American Navy in The War Of 1812"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, the war of 1812 broke out because Britain, France, Naples, Spain, and the Netherlands were all engaged in capturing more and more American ships and the number of captured American ships over the thirty year period from the Revolutionary War to 1812 was nearly 1500. That means an average of more than 30 ships in a year. It seems that they were all trying to exploit the vulnerability of the first democratic nation in the world that was young in all stages of development. It was this situation that made America declare war against Britain despite its much smaller Navy as compared to that of Britain. At this juncture, it seems useful to look into the history of the most prominent figures of the 1812 war. One of them was Isaac Hull who was the commander of USS Constitution. Admittedly, USS Constitution was a well-built ship, and it increased the number of guns on board to 50 during the war under the guidance of Hull. As a result of its better hull strength, broadside weight, and better gun power, the USS Constitution under the command of Hull effectively withstood the British attack, and returned heavier firepower, thus resulting in considerable loss to the British Navy. In August 1812, the USS Constitution captured the British Guerriere’s with this superior firepower. Another such prominent figure was Master Commander Oliver Hazzard Perry who was sent to face the British in control of Lake Erie. The British had better guns and bigger and stronger ships as compared to the vessels in the US fleet. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“The American Navy in The War Of 1812 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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...History The War of 1812 Although one would foremost think of the Napoleonic War when talking about thewarfare of 1812, another war closely related to the former is also a crucial historical event, especially in the history of the United States. Also referred to as the Second War for American Independence, it has had a great impact on the future development of USA. With the French invasion into the Russian Empire in June 1812, United States declared war to Russia’s ally – Great Britain. In the course of events, historical destinies of these two countries turned out to be entwined in a weird way: Moscow was burnt by the French troops, and the British expeditionary corps occupied Washington burning its central part. At the same time... keeping...
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..., except for the economic independence the United States got from the war, if to take a look at the consequences of the war broaden we can see some great social-economic changes. The war led to the start of the changes from feudal system with its slavery to more capitalistic formation of the state. Evidently the decrease of the level of slavery by releasing and escape of a big amount of slaves during the war caused certain problems (as slave-owners were deeply unsatisfied with that). But in wider consideration this had laid the framework of American capitalism and development of the open market system which later made the US one of the most powerful...
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