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1. The colonization of the Americas (Read the whole question below) - Essay Example

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History is a matter of interpretation where individuals rescue a part of human experiences and organize them into sequential and offer explanations, discussions and arguments of their views of what took place and the reasons and outcomes behind it (Cobs and Blum, 17)…
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1. The colonization of the Americas (Read the whole question below)
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"1. The colonization of the Americas (Read the whole question below)"

Download file to see previous pages As other European countries realized these possibilities, they too went in search for land to explore and slaves to do their manual labor bringing about collisions between their cultures (Cobs and Blum, 2). These facts can be well established in the interpretation of the various exchanged items and practices and the various impacts that they had on the items and cultural practices of the different worlds. Though considered as a particularly significant aspect of the American history and culture, the American history itself such as the Columbian exchange began as a disaster.
The collision and interaction among the new world and the old world have been towards the outcome for many years before hand of the Columbian exchange though along remarkably different line patterns from each other. The West Africans, Indians, and Europeans, differed from each other not only in terms of language and physical looks, but also in terms of other social cultural standings such as the roles of women and men in the society, religious beliefs and government structures. While some of the new arrivals in the others lands took this opportunity to observe, explore and learn others took this opportunity as ground to justify collisions, wars and savagery behaviors in line with cultural and developmental discrimination (Cobs and Blum, 2) Collisions during wars and invasions also in turn made cultural exchange able to occur during the earlier times. Various wars and invasions of various communities by the different world was a common issue during these times and such invasions brought the different world’s cultured peoples into contact with each other’s worlds and cultures.
The occurrence of wars and invasions was a common occurrence during these time periods and until the times that diplomatic relations were obtained between the two worlds. As a community was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(1. The Colonization of the Americas (Read the Whole Question Below) Essay)
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