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On the Chesapeake Colonists - Essay Example

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However, historical accounts that have been preserved through the years and modern investigations about the historical accounts could make the modern man understand and have a clear picture of the past…
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On the Chesapeake Colonists
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"On the Chesapeake Colonists"

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On an angle, this could be true, considering the English colonists were not as experienced as their Spanish counterparts. They were just beginning their conquest to the New World years after hearing about the success of the Spanish government in sending colonizers to the famed nation rich in gold. They are so ignorant they sent very few people on such an important mission who have been exposed to atrocities and calamities. They probably have not been prepared physically, emotionally and socially. Their inspiration for the trip was the famous stories of the successes of their Spanish brothers so that they probably were just driven by the thought that what their neighbor was able to do, they could also succeed in. They knew pretty well the possible harsh relations they can get from the earlier colonists of other American soils so they prepared themselves for attacks from them. However, they did not seem to have been well-prepared for the attack of the Indians who claimed the lives of a part of the company. In addition, the ills brought about by diseases rampant during that time that killed most of the small company shows how unprepared they are for what should have been expected and prepared for. Such circumstances are pointed out to show the ignorance of the English settlers.
Coming from one of the most civilized nations during that time, the English colonists are well-informed about the latest technological discoveries, modern inventions that made life easier and other information that shaped the English civilization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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