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Human Civilization in Greco-Roman Ancient Times and Medieval Europe - Essay Example

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in the report, it is stated that modern art and architecture adapted many styles and ideas from ancient Greece and Rome and medieval Europe. In this context, ancient Greece can be seen as the hub of all modern cultures…
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Human Civilization in Greco-Roman Ancient Times and Medieval Europe
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"Human Civilization in Greco-Roman Ancient Times and Medieval Europe"

Download file to see previous pages The architecture of medieval Europe should be associated with genius. Matter of factly, people of medieval Europe and the Romans were exceptional builders. Their architecture was both tremendous and restrained. The Romans and the people of medieval Europe constructed superior and better buildings than any civilization in the classical era could rival. Tourist by the suck load today still give special and pure regard to the ruins in Rome. The buildings that were constructed at ancient and medieval times have lasted and passed the test of time. It ought to be noted that these buildings still possess the intricate talent of the builders’ skill to date. In Medieval Europe around 1000-1300 A.D., however, the architectures and builders adapted the ancient Roman art and architecture, which they used in building historical landmarks (Barlett 15-18).
During the time of Constantinian basilicas saw a frenzy of construction of fortified residence and monasteries. The relative political stability led to the development of a type of architecture slackly inspired by the Roman forms. Consequently, the classical Roman brick and stone houses were reused for their materials. This style expanded throughout Europe in an amazingly homogenous form. The exceptional relics of the medieval period are the castles that are scattered all over Western Europe. The idea behind the building of castles is informed in the Geo-Roman era, where castles were mainly built for the nobles and the elite. Ideally, the castles were also built with a view to heightening security of the monarchy. On the same, the technology of building castles was always developing from the ancient Roman times to the medieval era (Canter 270-288).
Medieval theatre can be seen as the main contributor in helping maintain certain characteristics of the Geo- Roman theatre. The church, however, was responsible for restoring the ancient aspects of classical drama. For instance, the dramatization of the passion of Christ shows how ancient drama and medieval plays are closely inter-linked (Hill 1). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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