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: In what major ways did the ancient Mediterranean world change during the scope of this course and in what ways did the ancient Mediterranean world remain the same - Essay Example

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Its stories have highlighted history classes and influenced the society in so many ways. However with the fast paced world that people now lives in, does the rich heritage of the ancient past still…
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: In what major ways did the ancient Mediterranean world change during the scope of this course and in what ways did the ancient Mediterranean world remain the same
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": In what major ways did the ancient Mediterranean world change during the scope of this course and in what ways did the ancient Mediterranean world remain the same"

Download file to see previous pages These 3 cultures are the Egyptian, the Greek and the Roman cultures. The first Egyptian dynasty was dated around 3100 B.C. Records show that they first existed earlier than China’s Xia dynasty which only emerged a century later. It can be concluded that the Egyptians were the forerunners in architecture and engineering as it can be seen in the structures that still can be seen by the current generation. It was not just in those aspects that they have dominated. Most of the arts and sciences were rooted from Egyptian teachings that were just later cultivated by other cultures as basis of advancements (ItHappened.Info, 4-5). As the Egyptians so-called domination started to diminish, the Greek and Roman cultures almost took over the thrown simultaneously. They have emerged almost at the same time. These 2 have their similarities however they both have ended just like the Egyptians.
Egypt fell in the hands of a Grecian, Alexander. This is when the Egyptian culture was taken over by the Greeks. The Romans however interfered in the affairs of the Egyptians around 2 B.C. Egypt then became a slave territory of the Romans. As different cultures and civilizations started to emerge and to want a piece of Egypt, it was about 389 A.D. During that time Christianity took over the land and ceased the existence of the pagan religion which cased the fall of the Ancient Egypt (Ellis & Horne).
Centuries have passed and there are still souvenirs of the past that can be seen in this modern world. Included in the said souvenirs are Egyptian pyramids, ancient Roman war paraphernalia, Greek’s Olympic traditions and the Roman and Greek mythologies before the domination of Christianity. As different civilizations emerged, there are traditions that were molded and developed into new ones while others ceased in existence.
The harvests of the modern world were all rooted from the ancient times. Technologies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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: In What Major Ways Did the Ancient Mediterranean World Change During Essay.
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