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Multimedia Analysis FOR Introduction to American Politics (Undergraduate level) - Movie Review Example

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The documentary film critically examines the presidency of George W. Bush particularly concerning the war on terror and how it was covered in the media…
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Multimedia Analysis FOR Introduction to American Politics (Undergraduate level)
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"Multimedia Analysis FOR Introduction to American Politics (Undergraduate level)"

Download file to see previous pages After it was produced in 2004, the film generated a lot of controversy especially about its accuracy. However, Moore responded to the accusations by documenting the sources he used, which are quite credible as far as the film’s content is concerned.
Fahrenheit 9/11 begins by explaining how the political allies and friends of George Bush from Fox News Channel prematurely declared him the president during the 2000 elections, hence, tilting the election. It also criticizes the way the controversy of the voting in Florida was handled, which is reported as an open election fraud. The film then depicts the September 11 attacks as among the darkest moments in the American history by making the screen to go black and letting the film to solely involve sounds. This is used to illustrate the actual chaos that took place on that day. When visible images resume, the film displays images of survivors, bystanders and falling debris from the world trade centre. At this juncture, Moore explains that president Bush was informed of the first attack on the world trade center as he was going to an elementary school. The film then shows President Bush in Florida, sitting with kids in a classroom. Even after he is informed of the second attack on the world trade center and that America was sunder serious attack, Bush Continued to read a story called The Pet Goat to the kids. The film reports that he continued reading the story for about seven minutes, showing that he did not care.
The film goes ahead to discuss the causes of the September 11 attacks and its aftermath, including the invasion of Iraq. It then examines a complex relationship it claims to exist between the Bush family, the government of Saudi Arabia, the Taliban and the Bin Laden family for a period of three decades. In the film, Moore alleges that 24 members from the Bin Laden family were evacuated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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