I believe the United States should/should not give greater democratic rights and powers to the common people because - Essay Example

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I believe the United States should give greater democratic rights and powers to the common people because it is their duty to get involved of any public issue, which helps them watch keenly the manner in which their leaders and representatives in the political arena use their…
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I believe the United States should/should not give greater democratic rights and powers to the common people because
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"I believe the United States should/should not give greater democratic rights and powers to the common people because"

Download file to see previous pages This pertains to the manner in which common people are involved in the democratic affairs.
From their choice citizens make in deciding their leader, it is possible to hold the chosen leaders accountable from the policies they initiate and implement, and the manner in which they conduct themselves in the office (Iran and Wolfe, 2010). Therefore, as a member of the commission, I believe that the current state of democratic rights to common people in the United State is not to maximum though the country is considered among the best in implementation of democratic rights. For instance, Americans make choice of their leaders and representatives through regular elections, which is free and fair. However, the chosen government should be based on the consent of the governed citizens. In addition, despite being involved in a fair election, they government does make the individuals sovereign and the highest form of political authority, which I believe should be the case. The source of power should be from the people to the government but in many cases, it has been vice versa. This means that the individuals are not given the opportunity to criticize their leaders and keenly watch over the business of the government.
From the aforementioned state of empowerment of citizens, some changes should be incorporated since I believe the average people have the capability to exercise greater power wisely. From history, the leaders elected have failed to execute effectively the laws decided by citizens and themselves as stated in the constitution (Lynn-Jones, 1998). Though as they come to power give force promises, they end up working towards benefiting themselves from the resources purposed to benefit citizens. Therefore, citizens must be given the right to become active members of civil societies, which are independent and non-governmental organizations representing the interest and beliefs of other citizens. They should have the power ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(I Believe the United States should/Should Not Give Greater Democratic Essay)
I Believe the United States should/Should Not Give Greater Democratic Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1583612-i-believe-the-united-states-shouldshould-not-give-greater-democratic-rights-and-powers-to-the-common-people-because.
“I Believe the United States should/Should Not Give Greater Democratic Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1583612-i-believe-the-united-states-shouldshould-not-give-greater-democratic-rights-and-powers-to-the-common-people-because.
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