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Colombias dispossessed - Essay Example

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Arising among other problems of Colombia is the social oppression among ethnic groups commonly on women and elders. Downsizing and violent treatments of the military, local police, and…
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Colombias dispossessed
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"Colombias dispossessed"

Download file to see previous pages This social problem plagued almost all of the population everywhere in Latin America, and so as in Colombia. Stories of hardships of families and ethnicity of some native groups and communities of Colombia were best described and stated on books of Latin American authors such as Alfredo Molano. In his The Dispossessed it is clearly stated how the many families and ethnic groups were impoverished and are unlawfully forced out of their homes to work to coca fields and production of drugs though the violent acts of the military and the paramilitary forces. Molano stated the example of the inequality and violence of the military, paramilitary or sometimes local policemen which forces innocent families, communities or sometimes regions to flee for their own safety, not knowing if the next place they settle will mean salvation.
For the desterrados, dispossessed families and ethnic groups of Clombia, there is a constant feeling of struggle between whether their original home where they stayed and lived for a long time or the home they make when they are forced to leave is the safer option. It is obvious and frightening that the dispossessed people cannot feel safe due to the ongoing violence of the paramilitaries as well as the guerillas.
Either side of the violence could attack any innocent barrio at any time. The violent acts of the military and paramilitary forces some people into hiding in the wilderness where there is no chance of stability. Toñito from Molano’s book:
“I ran until I couldn’t hear the screams anymore” (105), but later he realizes the jungle will not save him either, “…I thought to myself, no, it’s better to go back and look for death than wait for it to find me” (107).
Another example of the oppression of the paramilitary and military forces is the forcing of the families to abandon their homes. Imagine how you could live to see that you are being forced to abandon and leave the home you built and stayed for a very long time, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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