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Communization in the changing civilizations - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Communication in the changing civilizations" suggests that materialistic civilization impacted by the industrial and internet and communication is so fast and a commodity produced at one corner of the world will affect the market at the other end of the world…
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Communization in the changing civilizations
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"Communization in the changing civilizations"

Download file to see previous pages The dangerous clashes of the future are likely to arise from the interaction of Western arrogance, Islamic intolerance, and Sinic assertiveness.”(p 183-186) Huntington’s concern to preserve and protect the superiority of the Western societies is so great that he offers concrete suggestions “to protect the cultural, social, and ethnic integrity of Western societies by restricting the number of non-Westerners admitted as immigrants or refugees.”(Huntington, 1996, p 183-186) In another context, he says about the Mexicans that they are out to reclaim their homeland from America and considers their influx (immigration to the USA) as a threat to the unity and integrity of USA. The mind of Mario Vargas Llosa swings like the pendulum elucidating the concepts of globalization, modernization etc. The author perfectly understands the complexities created by the rapid industrialization and the stunning economic growth in some of the western countries. The views of Llosa are entirely different from those of Huntington, but he also realizes the threat of cultural invasion in America and some other western countries. Llosa opines, “The most effective attacks against globalization are usually not those related to economics. Instead, they are social, ethical, and above all, cultural.”(Llosa, 2000) Here the author veers round the views of Huntington, yet maintains the distance. Huntington creates a grim picture of the weakening of the nation state. But Llosa sees the silver lining in this weakening process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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..., philosophy, and arts. The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, which is largely known as modern-day Iraq, Egypt, India, and China were the first to qualify as classical civilizations of the axial age. According to the majority of famous historians, a civilization is basically a process in which people belonging to a specific area shape their cultural and religious beliefs. By the same definition, the ancient Greeks qualified themselves as a unique civilization with one remarkable difference, which was the dominating priesthood that claimed a control on the sole lines of communication with the powers of mystery. In this paper, we will discuss the...
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