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Pearl Harbor Raid - Essay Example

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On 7th December 1941 at 7.53am the first wave of attacks on Pearl Harbor commenced. The air raid lasted till 9.45am devastating the American fleet.This attack on the unsuspecting Americans provoked the USA into the war. On 8th December 1941 declared war on Japan The paper tries to find out whether Pearl Harbor raid was a strategic blunder that led to the defeat of Japan or not?…
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Pearl Harbor Raid
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"Pearl Harbor Raid"

Download file to see previous pages The consequences of this nuclear attack changed the course of history. Had Japan not carried out that attack on Pearl Harbor back in 1941, USA might not have entered the war and history, as we know it, would have been different. There are many people who might argue this act of the USA to be a despicable one even though it did bring the war to a close. The fact that the Japanese Army practically ran the country and its foreign policies controlled by it did not make matters better for the already war torn millions inside Japan.
Whether this justifies the bombing or not is a debatable point. However, the attack at Pearl Harbor and the consequent entry of USA into the World War II in an active role signified the inevitable downfall of the Japanese Empire. The Pearl Harbor raid had its share of controversies which made worse the already declining situation for the Japanese. Even though the Japanese were to have issued a warning of the attack as per war time codes dictate, due to supposed delays, the news reached an hour after the initial attack commenced (Howard, 1999). This “sneak attack” allowed the then President of the USA to rally the country behind him in the name of an unannounced treacherous attack and plunge into the war. The Japanese confidence in their superior navy and army, and woeful ignorance of the major strides of the Americans in the fields of nuclear warfare led to the ultimate surrender in September 1945 which brought the World War II to its fateful end. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Pearl Harbor Raid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Pearl Harbor Raid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Pearl Harbor Raid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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Pearl Harbor
.... As the raid ended, more than 2, 300 victims had been wounded, and about the same numbers were killed. The battleship of Arizona was the biggest loss, which lasted for ten minutes. It is said that, the attack initiated the World War 11 since; it occurred before the declaration of the war (Fitzgerald 94). It stands out that, the attack was a factor that changed the U.S public opinion towards declaration of the war. WHY IT STARTED There are various reasons why the attack started. First, when the Japanese bombed the America, they had depicted that this would cause immediate forces to be naval. With this in mind, they bombed Pearl Harbor because it held the majority of American naval forces...
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The Pearl Harbor Attack
...The Pearl Harbor Attack December 7th, 1941 was the when a Japanese force of carrier aircraft, comprising of fighters, high-degree bombers, dive bombers and torpedo bombers, initiated an attack on the American naval center at Pearl Harbor, while, at the same time, other US military installations within Hawaii. However, they obtained complete surprise with five American battleships, three cruisers, as well as three destroyers sunk while 188 US aircraft got destroyed with the majority of them being on the ground. Although Japanese losses summed up to 29 aircraft, as well as the five inadequate midget submarines intended for participating in the assault, this was a brilliant...
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The Attack On Pearl Harbor
.... Therefore, when Japan chose to attack Pear Harbor, US had no choice but to disregard their isolationist policies and get involved in the World War II. In addition, other countries were slowly getting worried about the expansionist policies Japan was getting involved in, in their quest to acquire extra territories to meet their natural resources shortage.2 Japan realized the power of the US military forces and its ability to impede their ambitious plans of raiding the South East. Therefore, they found it advantageous to their naval fleet if they destroyed the US naval base, which had recently been moved to Pearl Harbor. As a result, this would buy Japan more time to...
3 Pages(750 words)Case Study
Pearl Harbor pay a dear price for this movement as the US came back with a vengeance. (Conn, Engelman, and Fairchild, 2000) In the end we can say that the Japanese had planned this attack careful but it was an act of sheer foolishness though brilliantly planned. Though they achieved a part of their goal but they failed to defeat the US completely. This is why they had to pay the price dearly because they had awakened a sleeping giant. If only the Japanese did not become over confident and had stuck to their defensive strategy then they would have gone to a long drawn battle with the US and perhaps would have had the US negotiate a peace which would have left the Japanese in control but well that’s a different story. Reference Conn, S., Engelman,...
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Pearl Harbor ( history )
...December 7, 1941, “…a which will live in infamy…” is often quoted from President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous speech to Congress after the attack upon Pearl Harbor. On this date, at 7:58am Japanese military forces attacked the Harbor, leaving 3,581 Americans dead or wounded (DeAngelis, 9 – 10). Up until the attack occurred, the United States had been keeping a close eye on Japan and the pacts the country made with Germany and Italy. The question that has been unanswered since the attack is whether the attack could have been prevented. Research suggests that the United States had been intercepting coded messages, one of which discussed the plans for the attack. Other information...
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Pearl Harbor Film
...Pearl Harbor (2001) Historical fiction is a genre of media in which the story told is a careful blend of fact and fiction with the primary intention being to entertain as well as educate the viewer. This is a tactic particularly well-suited to film as it enables the script-writers to present a personal story of fictional characters within a backdrop of historical events. This is the approach taken by the producers of the 2001 film Pearl Harbor. While it is sufficient for some films to use historical time periods as only a backdrop to the story, a film in which the title draws upon a deeply significant historical event such as the Pearl...
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Bombing of Pearl Harbor
...silence was imposed on the ships and only communications was through signal flags (Slackman, 1990). 350 fighter aircraft were pressed into service for the bombings. The first wave of 200 aircraft consisting of torpedo planes, bombers, and fighters began the attack at 7.55 AM. Since it was Sunday, most of the American ships were unmanned and the anchored ships proved to be sitting ducks for the bombers. The raid was carried out in two waves. The first wave, carried out by slow and vulnerable torpedo bombers, was intended to disseminate the American prowess. During the first wave none of the American aircrafts were in a position to take off to defend the Pearl Harbor. The second wave,...
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Pearl harbor
...The world as everyone knew it changed in the morning hours of December, 1941. Even as some people were still asleep in their beds, a myriad of fighter planes, bombers, and torpedo ships came out of nowhere to launch a terrifying assault. Perhaps one of the greatest questions of all time is this: why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor? Since the 1920’s, there had been tension between Japan and the United States. Japan wanted to take over parts of Southeast Asia, but the United States had several assets in that portion of the world. This tension had its ups and downs, but it really started getting ugly twenty years later. In 1940, the United States of America stopped the export of all aviation fuel, scrap...
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Pearl harbor
...Your Pearl Harbor Attack On December 7, 1941, Japanese aircrafts took off from the six aircraft carriers of Japanese Imperial Navy. Their mission was to destroy United States military establishments stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Japanese leadership was planning to seize rich oil fields of the Dutch East Indies, now called Indonesia. Their pre-emptive strike was aimed at preventing American interference in their invasion plans. In order to accomplish their objectives, Japanese military planned to attack U.S. forces in the Philippines, Guam, Wake Island, in particular U.S. Navy ships stationed at Pearl Harbor (Lee). This paper briefly explores the Pearl Harbor attack, its background, and Japanese objectives associated... between Japan and...
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Mistakes from Pearl Harbor
...of each can be appreciated by utilizing the lens of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as a focal point to identify the failures of US strategy in preparing for and responding to such an attack. Though hindsight is always perfect, it is through an examination of past failures that the current student and/or researcher can hope to gain a level of inference into the means by which prior failures have occurred and why they have taken place in the precise means by which they have. Accordingly, the principles to be analyzed are as follows: objective, offensive, mass, economy of force, maneuver, unity of command, security, surprise, and simplicity. The objective of the raid on...
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