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Chinese and Japanese Response to Western Imperialism - Essay Example

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China and Japan had very different reactions to Western imperialism. Japan was successful in preventing itself from being a European colony. China on the other hand tried to resist the imperialism and was defeated. …
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Chinese and Japanese Response to Western Imperialism
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"Chinese and Japanese Response to Western Imperialism"

Download file to see previous pages Chinese efforts to strengthen it politically, militarily and economically also failed. China would become dominated by unequal treaties of foreign powers. Japan would become a major world power able to compete against the European countries. Japan in the seventeenth and eighteenth century was undergoing a period of isolation in which European missionaries and traders were highly restricted in their movements. Under American pressure in 1853, Japan would open its ports and sign unequal treaties with European powers. Japan began a series of reforms known as the Meiji Restoration in which the feudal system was abolished, economic reforms were launched, military was modernized and Western political concepts were applied to the country. The Meiji restoration would transform Japan into a major industrialized and economic power which was capable of competing with the West. Japan would use its modern military to inflict crushing defeats on Russia and China. During World War II, Japan would embark upon a policy of conquering several South East Asian countries before being defeated by the United States. Under the American occupation, Japan would again rebuild itself into a pacifist but economically powerful country. China in the nineteenth century suffered from strife, corruption, stagnation and various internal problems. The Chinese also had to deal with foreigners who were now taking control of many territories in Asia. The Chinese monarchy was arrogant in its dealings with Europeans. Trade between Europe and China brought a series of conflicts in which China was humiliated and defeated. As trade increased between European traders and Chinese, this led to increased hostility between European governments and China. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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