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The Rise and Influence of Nationalism in Japan around WWII - Essay Example

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World War II had a great impact on national identity and self-consciousness of Japanese citizens and their national ideology. Nationalism in Japan was based on cultural and religious elements, unique national self-perception and radical right doctrines. WWII influenced ideas of cultural uniqueness and national supremacy. Using this tactics, Japanese protected their identity as an expression of increased pride and confidence. …
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The Rise and Influence of Nationalism in Japan around WWII
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"The Rise and Influence of Nationalism in Japan around WWII"

Download file to see previous pages WWII strengthened such ideologies as Bushido (the way of the warrior) and religious ideology of Shinto, ideas of the "New Structure’ and "Consensus State”. These different forms of nationalism were mutually acceptable. The “New Structure” was a necessary component of nationalism, and new institutions had to be imported as a means of linking all Japanese to one national bureaucracy for political and economic centralization. The very act of importing these institutions, the values upon which they were based on a direct support to the social and cultural traditions formed the essence of the Japanese nation. In contrast to other states preached individualism, Japanese nationalism was based on the idea of collective identity and objectives which helped to unite the nation against ‘outside’ world. The emperor did not play a dominant role in political and social life. Critics suppose that control over the countries and its political strategies were established by the military, formed by the Emperor and Government. During the WWII, Japanese practiced kamikaze as one of the main national traditions. They had special kamikaze units in the Japanese Fleet who made a great damage to enemies. Because Japanese believe that the world in which they lived and the political world were two separate entities, it was difficult to get the public to identify with the state and political institutions. The social system had a higher importance in Japan than the political system, and political institutions had very little cultural meaning to Japanese. As occurred in the Meiji period, Japan's defeat led to a wholesale rejection of prewar institutions and a wholehearted adoption of most of the occupation reforms as a means of ridding Japan of its inferior status. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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