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Point of Dispensing During Disasters - Assignment Example

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The paper "Point of Dispensing During Disasters" states that the operation of POD is not an easy task as it involves the coordination of many people and organizations. After a disaster is reported, the ICS takes control of the situation. It starts with the planning of the Incidence Control Center where the POD will be set up. …
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Point of Dispensing During Disasters
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Download file to see previous pages The smooth running of the POD requires planning and coordination with all the various people involved. This response is carried out in collaboration as well as in accordance to the emergency and disaster management plan set up by the state and local administration in case there is one.
POD is important as it prevents any infectious diseases that may occur during the disaster from spreading to other people. It also assists in continuing the medication and treatment of the prior medical conditions of victims of the disaster such as asthma and even mental health problems. It also prevents medical stocks in the local public health department and hospitals from running out during the entire duration of the disaster. The PODs also make referrals to other hospitals outside the area or within the area for the more severe medical conditions that cannot be handled on the ground. With the chaos that follows the occurrence of a disaster, it is important to have medical assistance which is free and will cater for the temporary health care needs of the people which are what POD does.
The operation of POD is not an easy task as it involves the coordination of many people and organizations. After the disaster is reported, the ICS takes control of the situation. It starts with the planning of the Incidence Control Center where the POD will be set up. This is followed by getting in touch with the local and state public health department to provide the medical staff and first responders. The community is called upon by their leaders to provide volunteers who will be needed for the various activities taking place in the POD. Depending on the magnitude of the disaster, multiple POD centers are set up which offer similar activities (Public Health, 2009). These locations are determined by their accessibility, security and appropriate layout. Drive through POD is also possible to ease congestion in the POD locations. This happens in high-class neighbourhoods and where suitable locations are difficult to manage and operate in. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Point of Dispensing During Disasters Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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