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Why I Selected Pharmacy as a Career - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Why I Selected Pharmacy as a Career" states that pharmacy demands extra dedication and time. This is a job that is related to an emergency which is why it demands attention at night too. The true essence of the job is the flexibility of working seven days and twenty-four hours…
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Why I Selected Pharmacy as a Career
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Download file to see previous pages One of the oldest professions in the world is pharmacy which demands a lot of dedication, enthusiasm, professional interest, and eagerness to help others. Strong desire and perseverance to help others and care for the ailing patients are some virtues which I have watched growing, imbibed in me naturally and this helped me to understand and practice the profession more skilfully. The profession of pharmacy cannot be incorporated. It is something which is heartfelt and should be perceived as the gift of God. Taking the decision of being a pharmacist did not happen with me all of a sudden. Neither I took it as a career option because of its huge prospect not did I took it by following friends or any consultation. Pursuing career of dreams is almost a gift of God. I was lucky enough to know the details of the profession since my early days. I learned about the profession when I attended one family gathering at my brother’s house. At that time, I was not sure about my brother’s profession. But my brother like a true guide and a real touchstone allowed me to understand the scope of the profession along with the huge humanitarian virtues associated with it. Since that formative period of my life, it initiated a strong desire within me to choose the job as one of the viable career option and I kept on speaking to my brother frequently regarding the profession and the underlying scope. Amid this conversation with my brother I learned about the close working of the pharmacy along with the other health professionals. Also I was lucky to get a guide in my family who opened my eyes regarding the other facets of the career which is the truest essence of it. He enabled me to learn about the scope of community service related with the profession and that made my feeling towards the profession more strong and genuine. All these valuable inputs rendered by my brother allowed me to understand the value of the profession for the society and its place in it. Pharmacy demands extra dedication and time.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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