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The goal of this assignment "Development of Healthcare In Britain" is to analyze the variation of ideas of health and illness in cultural and social groups in Britain. The writer of the assignment suggests that different ideas should aid in the development of healthcare in Britain…
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Development of Healthcare In Britain
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Download file to see previous pages The lower social classes are more likely to experience health problems than those in the higher classes and in the same way, the ideas of health and illness in Britain vary in different cultures as well as social groups. Now, this draws our concern to healthcare in Britain. Health care according to Spicker (2015) can be divided into hospital care, primary care, and public health. Of all the three, public health happens to be the most important issue in any given health population. The medical care of Britain in the 19th century was basically voluntary. The development of health care in Britain came about by the fact that sickness was primarily brought about by pauperism (Spicker, 2015). In response to this, infirmaries for the sick were set up by the Poor Law Authorities.
Since the UK has experience in the development of the National Health Service (NHS) for about 60 years now it knows how to work with the government as well as private organizations and get to convince them on how to design and develop first-class healthcare systems. Ever since the development of the NHS, the UK has invested billions of pounds just to see to it that quality healthcare is always available for all its citizens (Healthcare UK, 2014). However, this is not always the case. Let us narrow down to Britain where the ideas of health and illness vary in different cultures and social groups as we are yet to find out.
Censoring Leach (2013) it is evident that "Cultural differences affect aspects of behavior significant for making a diagnosis."Leach further revealed prolonged mourning periods after close bereavement. This is something worth attributing to something as grief spilled over into clinical depression. The diverse cultural population in Britain have got differences when it comes to illness behavior, this involves how they handle their health matters based on their own beliefs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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