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Contemporary project - Essay Example

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In 2008, more than eighty-four children died by taking a malaria relief medicine “My Pikin Baby Teething Mixture.” The medicine had cheap quantity of diethylene glycol as a replacement of…
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Contemporary project
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Download file to see previous pages In developed countries, very rare cases of counterfeit medicines are observed because people are well informed and the online markets help the customers to differentiate the real and fake drugs for the patients.
The problem of counterfeit medicines is not difficult to tackle. Implementation of strict rules and regulations, strong role of the institutions, working courts against these companies and the well-structured liability laws are helpful to demolish these kinds of drugs from the markets. For example, two organizations are actively working against fake pharmaceutical companies and for community health in Uganda. A big NGO “BRAC” is working in Bangladesh and in African Countries for selling genuine medicines and for health projects. In addition, “Living Good” origination is also working on the same projects in Kenya, Uganda and in the neighboring countries. The organizations against counterfeit medicines decrease the selling rate of these companies by providing awareness and genuine pharmaceutical products to the patients.
The role of community health programs is very useful in decreasing the rate of unemployment in several countries, e.g. about one hundred thousand workers are engaged to the BRAC, which is a nongovernmental organization. In some areas of the world, cell phone technology is also playing the role for authentic medicines by the facility of verification codes for genuine products.
Doctor Ashifi Gogo introduced the latest system of medicine authentication code through cell phones in those areas, where the customers do not trust in the shops of medicine markets. For example, a unique code number is present in every box of the Sproxil brand to identify it’s originality before using it. The customer scratches the card to find the code number and checks it through the cell phone authentication method to know the originality of the product. The revenues of Sproxil were great in 2010 after implementing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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