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With current rate of childhood obesity now in excess of 20% of the adolescent population, it is clear and apparent that a definitive change must be made in order to maximize the health, longevity, and interests of the current and future generation. As a function of this, the…
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The logic model
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Download file to see previous pages ve existed, or have been promoted over the past several years, you have been concentric upon utilizing resources provided by the healthcare community or directly promoted by healthcare professionals. Within this understanding, it is at this juncture that this particular plan seeks to utilize a change in organizational behavior theory as a means of further providing a health care promotion strategy that can effectively address the issue at hand.
In terms of inputs that will be required, the first of these is a level of training and understanding that should be provided to healthcare professionals that have regular interaction with parents or children. For the most part, the input will require training of pediatrics staff as a means of providing indirect and direct level of counseling, as well as printed material and resources, to parents and children that may be at risk of obesity themselves. Likewise, the input of time, money, and a change in the way that organizational operation takes place will all be required in order to affect this particular health care promotion strategy.
Furthermore, in terms of activities that will be required, these will be concentric upon counseling and the provision of direct assistance to parents and stakeholders that are or may potentially become at risk for obesity. Yet, more than merely encouraging a level of physical exertion and promoting healthy lifestyles, and other core activity that will be involved within this particular health care promotion strategy is the need to gather information, with a relevant consideration for privacy, and utilize this information as a means of determining which at risk individuals are those that could potentially benefit from the programs that are being offered. Whereas it is true that in a perfect world all potential patients could be engaged in a similar, if not identical manner, the resources and the overall strain of time create a dynamic by which healthcare professionals will be required to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Logic Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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