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Bits of Mystery DNA - Article Example

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He apparently seems to have shattered the old myths and discoveries about DNA and presents well formulated information about various discoveries which have…
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Bits of Mystery DNA
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What is also critical to understand that this article has actually focused on the findings which were earlier termed as junk? Scientists have discarded these findings and apparently reduce their role in offering any new insights. However, different research findings indicated in this article has put the onus back on scientists to actually re-evaluate their own opinions and embark on new research. The article has also discussed the 3 dimensional structure of DNA and how this new discovery can actually pose new challenges for scientists to properly encode and decode those DNAs to achieve the health related benefits.
This paper will discuss the new research which has been discussed in this article and will specifically focus on discussing dark matter as well as the 3-D structure of DNA. Besides, this paper will also discuss the impact this new research on DNA might have on overall health related outcomes.
Biological dark matter actually hints at the fourth domain of the life i.e. bacetria, archea and eukaryotes the other three. It has been now accepted throughout the academic field that most of the genetic material in different parts of the body is the dark matter with relatively no explanation of what it actually is.
Historically DNA Dark Matter has been termed as junk DNA because it was not coded for protein and researchers typically knew little about this dark matter. This junk or dark matter resides in millions of switches that is possessed by the smaller bits of DNA. However, new research clearly now indicates that these smaller switches or the dark matter as it is called can play decisive role in determining how different organs and tissues work and how two persons with identical genetic make-up can catch different diseases.
DNA is a double Helix and unwinding of the same would actually result into two different strands and both of them are parallel in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bits of Mystery DNA Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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