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The Different Strategies of Treating Severe Hypertension - Essay Example

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It is one of the most common diseases in Western countries. Although a growing awareness of hypertension and its complications, its treatment is still insufficient for many older people. It may also be secondary to…
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The Different Strategies of Treating Severe Hypertension
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Download file to see previous pages Environmental factors and age also predispose people to hypertension. Environmental factors related to blood pressure are high salt in diet, obesity and physical inactivity. Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular mortality, diabetes and hypertension. Active older adults showed a less obesity and lower risk of cardiovascular disease. A large peripheral vascular resistance increase variability of blood pressure in the elderly. Age-related changes in multiple systems, such as cardiovascular systems, blood pressure, predispose the elderly (Shapiro, 1996, p. iii).
Good control of blood pressure was found to be most useful for the elderly. The goal of treatment is to minimize future long-term complications of hypertension. In general, the goal is to maintain the target pressure mm less than 140/90 of mercury (mm / Hg), as much as possible. If the target blood pressure is not achieved, an objective of the intermediate target blood pressure below 160 by 90 is beneficial for the elderly. Older people with diabetes or renal disease require more aggressive treatment. The target blood pressure for this group should be 130/80 mm / Hg. Those having 85 years of age the benefits of treating hypertension are controversial. This is not an ideal destination for the control of blood pressure target in this group. This is partly due to the heterogeneity of this age group and sufficient information on the benefits of treating hypertension in this population. Management of individuals, especially those over 85 years, must take account of current medications and overall health. Possible side effects of drug treatment should be weighed against the benefits of blood pressure under control. In the elderly with limited life expectancy, the treatment goal should be to minimize the symptoms associated with increased blood pressure and keep the number of target blood pressure (Ivanova & Petrova, 2009).
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