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The Increased Levels of Thyroid Hormone: Hyperthyroidism - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the increased secretion of cortisol due to a tumour of the adrenal cortex or a primary cause lying in the adrenal cortex that is known as Cushing's syndrome. Hyperglycemia, wasting of muscles due to increased protein metabolism and facial oedema due to increased steroids is seen…
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The Increased Levels of Thyroid Hormone: Hyperthyroidism
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Download file to see previous pages Radioimmunoassay is a technique in which a known quantity of labelled antibody and a labelled antigen is taken. This known complex is added to with unknown quantity of serum containing the antigens which need to be measured. The unlabelled antigen displaces the labelled antigen and combines with the antibody. This unlabelled antigen and antibody are measured. Different quantities of serum are taken and added to the labelled complex and a graph is plotted and the values for the antigen in serum are measured. This method is extremely sensitive and specific because the antigen and antibody complexes formed are very specific for each other. It is also very sensitive because it can detect small amounts of antigen. The results obtained are accurate if many samples are taken. To improve accuracy it is important to purify the sample as well the reactants from foreign particles to prevent any false results. More samples and results should be calculated for plotting a graph to prevent errors. The respiratory centre is located in the brain. This controls respiration and helps in the maintenance of the pH in the body. The carbon dioxide in the blood combines with water to form carbonic acid. This carbonic acid crosses the blood-brain barrier where it dissociates into hydrogen ions and bicarbonate. The hydrogen ions stimulate the respiratory centre which in turn leads to ventilation causing the expulsion of carbon dioxide. This prevents acidosis. The kidneys are also essential in the maintenance of pH homeostasis. The kidney expels hydrogen ions from the body and this can be seen as the urine is more acidic in pH. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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