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In the paper “Increasing Trend of Obesity among Children” the author looks at obesity, which has become a huge social problem. In the last three decades, the adult obese population in America has doubled and obesity in children and adolescent has nearly tripled…
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Increasing Trend of Obesity among Children
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Download file to see previous pages Interestingly, another serious repercussion of obesity and overweight is the financial losses in the form of recurring expenses not only for the treatment of diseases that become part and parcel of an obese person but the huge expenses incurred on the increasing eating habits of the obese who become obsessed with eating things which are inherently high on calories and cholesterol and low on nutrition.
The most worrying aspect of increasing problems of overweight and obese children is that they often become the target of ridicule in the school which leads to low self-esteem and damages their overall personal growth as a confident individual. The obese children also find it harder to participate in outdoor activities and sports that further add to their anguish and lack of confidence leading to depression and suicidal tendencies. This promotes introvert nature amongst the obese children who become increasingly more involved in indoor activities like watching television and playing computer games that compound their problem of gaining more weight and in effect, inviting more diseases. Thus there is an urgent need to address this problem as a social issue.
The eating patterns are the main causes of the new lifestyle diseases which are becoming the norm amongst the present generation. The increasing trend of eating so-called fast food and aerated drinks are the main reasons for the children and adolescents to become overweight as they are high in calories and low on nourishment.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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