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Ethical Wrongdoing of the Pharmaceutical Companies - Case Study Example

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This study discusses an experimental study in Thailand where all of the subjects who signed their consent forms were asked about what was told to them by the companies and 30 were ignorant of the actual study. The HIV vaccine which was being tested was said…
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Ethical Wrongdoing of the Pharmaceutical Companies
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Download file to see previous pages It can be at times a matter of life and death and the companies’ failure to give out all necessary details regarding something that concerns the life of another human being is immoral. Granted that they are being paid substantially, this is still a moral judgment call that should be adhered to religiously. They should ensure that their subjects comprehend all-encompassing particulars pertaining to the scope and effects of the study. By virtue of common sense, a good policy should to first give out an answer form or through an interview, guarantee that a person should first understand what he or she is about to go through before actually including them in any study. Of course, this would be next to impossible as there are a number of experiments wherein the danger would not be worth the risk of any human being.
On the other hand, we have the different side of the story which portrays the inevitability of such practices in pharmacology. It is as the author puts it, our biggest blunder to disregard the risks that are inherently involved in the development of most drugs. This is the major reason why drug companies have set up shop in regions such as Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and especially Africa. An American is said to purchase about 10 prescription drugs yearly while the ratio of those who partake in experiments is 20 to less than one. Those who do join in experiments are labeled as ‘guinea pigs’ and are perceived to have little to no choice on the matter (Shah, par. 10). There is such a need for these studies to be conducted and if the option for this is to take it to another country, then the big pharmaceutical companies would gladly take it there. If the business can be conducted better elsewhere, then it becomes a no-brainer that they would up and go wherever it is.
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