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Redevelopment - Zoning of Cities and States - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper "Redevelopment - Zoning of Cities and States" focuses on what remains to be one of the best examples of successful planning methods that create room for growth as well as the organization in the delivery of services and social amenities to the populace.  …
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Redevelopment - Zoning of Cities and States
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Download file to see previous pages The level of the organization depends on the cooperation of local authorities, professionals, and citizens. Remarkably, the processes involved in zoning should be comprehensive and accommodative of the views of all interested parties for successful implementation ( 37). The case sample of Detroit was slowed in its zoning process owing to resistance from property owners in the early phases of development plans. The case was not, particularly because the early plans advocated for demarcation of land into the different zones and this created a situation of land speculation. Certain pieces of land were bound to have positive increments in terms of prices and thus such landowners were rigid in letting go of their tracts of land.
The beginning phases of zoning processes in life witnessed the subdivision of land within the city and this contributed to quick purchases that increased the fears of property owners whose land was out of the city limits. The high prices of plots within the city attract investors while others with plots far away from the city felt disadvantaged with their land and value of property decreasing. The concerns of landowners led to a successful bid in defeating the zoning attempts proposed in 1927 (38). Property owners have a significant stake on the zoning process, but the process is highly dependent on enabling legislation. Planning requires extensive research as well as accommodation of plans that can be developed and altered to prevent the incidences witnessed in Detroit. Plans were created, but could not stand rapid changes causing them to become obsolete in the design of others.
However, the plans took shape in the early 1940’s when business owners cooperated with the local government in the development of a zoning ordinance and protection against blight (39). This move targeted the redevelopment of the areas next to the CBD, this move ensured incorporation of different groups that supported the new initiatives in the wake of the post-war development forum.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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