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The rapid development in technology, communications, and transportation since the end of the Second World War has dramatically altered the manner in which people relate to geographical locations and places. With the time-space compression that appears to have accompanied the…
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Geography is no longer relevant in the context of a homogenising world Discuss
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Download file to see previous pages However, Dicken (2011: p41) notes that nation-state borders continue to dominate global relations with nations continuing to enforce state-boundaries, sometimes using violence to do so. Moreover, challenges in overcoming economic and technological barriers continue to shape how different populations separated by geographical location access healthcare and education for example. Therefore, although the relevance of geography seems to have been greatly diminished as a result of a homogenising world, this paper will argue that how people live is still significantly influenced by geographical factors.
Aiello and Pauwels (2014: p280) support the concept of an increasingly homogenised world, noting that global flows and exchanges of capitals, services, goods, transfer of technology and human movements have resulted in a more unique and standardized world culture as acculturation leads to a universal culture. In this case, increased interconnectivity between cultures and countries contributes to the formation of a more homogenous culture with the adoption of a more Euro-American lifestyle and social organization model. Modern communications have played a fundamental role in homogenisation as the internet enables people to read about information on foreign nations as they would about their own locality. People all over the world are now exposed to the same news every day, leading to a homogenisation of ideas and perspectives. Increased international travel has greatly influenced homogenisation as well, with people from South East Asia, for example, travelling to Europe and North America to find jobs. Moreover, increased tourist flows, specifically from developed countries, have encouraged hospitality industries across the world to provide typical Euro-American services, contributing to a more homogenous global community (Aiello & Pauwels, 2014: p281).
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