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Questions about Asia - Assignment Example

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Families tend to populate areas that have potential to sustain them for example areas that receive adequate rainfall. Population refers to the number of persons in…
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Questions about Asia
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Download file to see previous pages In a family, it is the number of persons divided by the available arable land. Rate of natural population increase refers to the total birthrates minus the total death rates in a given population. In a family setting, the rate increases with a figure and decline if the figure is negative. Doubling time refers to the period required to achieve a double population growth rate. Doubling time involves dividing the growth rate percentage into 70. A growth rate of 3.5 shows a doubling time of 20 years.
Gobi desert, a cold desert and the fifth largest in the world is Asia’s largest desert (Man 8). The desert constitutes of bare rocks unlike many other deserts that are sandy. The desert has a historic treasure for fossils, pre-historic tools and early dinosaur eggs. Gobi desert has extreme environment with temperatures of over 100 degrees in summer and below – 40 degrees in winter. The desert has rapid climatic changes and little rainfall. The desert homes many animals and drought resistant shrubs. Gobi is semi desert and desert and is expanding at a high rate. The desert has a history of human habitation by mostly nomads. The desert has strong dusty winds during the fall and spring and has a water oasis. Gobi is a Mongolian name which means ‘very large and dry’. The Himalaya Mountains block the desert from receiving enough rainfall (Man 10).
Taklimakan desert is a dry and hot desert. It is the largest in China and has vast salt accumulation. The desert is sandy and contains crescent shaped sand dunes that can reach 300 meters high. This desert is one of the world’s largest shifting sand deserts. The desert has frigid temperatures. The desert is moving to the neighboring areas due to a shift in the sand caused by strong winds. South Asia has several mountains examples being Himalayas and Mount Everest. The Himalaya Mountains are the highest in the world.
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Questions about Asia Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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