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In this case, many societies and medical care facilities advice various societies to marry from outside communities to avoid the possibility of improper gene transmission which may lead…
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Download file to see previous pages She finds it difficult to find her identity in gender as she had female instincts with a male body. She narrates her family’s history and the beginning of her gene mutation that was aimed at transforming her DNA in order to fully exist in the female gender. In order to solve her gender confusion problem, she introduces her body to unique genetic make-up.
On realizing Dr. Luce’s plan, Calliope runs away and changes her identity to Cal who is a boy. Cal relocates to San Francisco where he finds a job in a club that eventually gets raided by the police and he ends up being arrested for being an underage worker. Cal’s family comes to collect him in jail so as to attend his grandfather’s burial. This is where he finds out that his grandparents were siblings which resulted to his genital crisis but promises the grandmother to keep the secret till after her grandmother’s death.
People with improper genetalia structure experience difficulties in the labour market as a result of their transsexual in gender. Many of these people are born with a gender type different from their mental perception of themselves (Nanda 114). They tend to change their gender to suit their mental comfort at a later stage in life. This forces them to change their original identity to suit their ultimate gender type. They are forced to change their names in all their legal documents which is a long process thus affecting their potential in the labour market as the transformation process (Agustín 167).
Slaughter uses the phrase ‘having it all’ in reference to Calliope’s gender confusion. The phrase summarizes the life of Calliope in both the male and female gender forms. This is portrayed in the first chapter of the novel Middle sex when Calliope begins her life story by saying, “I was born twice, first as a girl in 1960 and then again as a teenage boy” (Eugenides 3). Calliope Stephanides had improper genes which made her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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