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ERP is a management process whereby an organization integrates application systems to manage core functions of the business that is: inventory, purchasing, marketing, planning, sales, finance and human resources. ERP is mostly suited for large organizations that have varied…
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
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Download file to see previous pages According to Ray (2011) there are 3 dimensions that significantly control the changes they include: customization, support and consultation. Most of the ERP systems are implemented in stages. For a large company, the project can take approximately 14 months and can require almost 150 consultants. Small companies can take months while implementing ERP while big and multinational companies can take several years. However, the implementation time can be reduced by employing customizations to fasten the process.
ERP has the benefit of saving the company’s time and its overall expenses. The organization’s management can formulate decisions more quickly and with minimal errors. Through the realization of fewer errors, the data becomes reliable and clear within the entire organization (Ray, 2011).
The system improves the organization’s efficiency and subsequently its outputs quality (Ray, 2011). Through the smooth running of internal processes, improved outputs can be realized for example manufacturing and customer service.
It necessitates the flexibility of an organization. The management software can assist the organization to adapt easily to changes due to the presence of less organizational structures that enhances its internal and external components.
ERP promotes collaborations between varied business functions. In modern organizations, data can be in the form of emails, audio, video, files which require varied operations (Ray, 2011). ERP necessitates the employees to collaborate more effectively with the content without actually mastering their individual processes.
The management software ensures real time achievement of information. ERP promotes a comprehensive view of the company’s status in real time, which the upper level management can utilize in making proper decisions (Ray, 2011).
The system ensures effective coding of an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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