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Brazos Co-Mark - Case Study Example

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The economic environment of 2015 is similar to that of the year 2001 in a number of aspects which could significantly affect the investment in CoMark by Brazos. Firstly the American economy is just from the 2008 economic crisis which affected particularly the banking and…
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Brazos Co-Mark
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"Brazos Co-Mark"

Download file to see previous pages in proving to the potential lenders that the CoMark deal has been carefully evaluated and will be able to generate the money needed to offset the loan given.
As a result of the tough economic times brought about by the economic recession of 2008, apart from lenders being more careful the corporate bond market is also not as attractive since investors are very careful with their dollars. Sellers on the other hand as in the case of the founders of CoMark are very hesitant as they expect continued recovery and as such would take their time before committing to transactions. As the economy continues to recover however, the investment environment should become favourable going forward and as such the investment in CoMark will yield returns. The fallen oil prices should also mean a friendlier investment environment.
So as to guarantee return on the investment in the CoMark deal as well as assure lenders and potential investors of value due diligence must be taken in every aspect. The first area of due diligence is the company’s profile and its industry. CoMark is strategic in the sense that unlike peers in the industry, it is completely integrated with own production and sales forces. As such the company is easy leverage upon. Firstly it can control prices and also effectively management investment with sales persons involved from the production to the final point where the product is sold. CoMark’s marketing strategy of selling to the end users, majority of whom are government agencies, educational institutions and the private sector is differentiated. As such on this end therefore the company is capable of withstanding recession thus will prefer to go ahead with the investment.
Second is the management aspect, CoMark is a family owned business which fits well in the strategy of Brazos. It is well managed and has unique business model in the entire industry hence will approve the deal. The other area of due diligence is the company’s cash flow; CoMark strategy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Brazos Co-Mark Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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