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Find information on the following topic: PUBLIC RELATIONS IN NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Read information about this topic form different Websites on the Internet (Avoid Wikipedia and make sure its not a webpage of a PR company specializing in PR for no - Essay Example

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Public relations in non-profit organizations are increasingly becoming an important aspect of these entities because it is one of the means through which their survival can be determined. Public relations is the practice of managing the spread of information between…
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Find information on the following topic: PUBLIC RELATIONS IN NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Read information about this topic form different Websites on the Internet (Avoid Wikipedia and make sure its not a webpage of a PR company specializing in PR for no
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"Find information on the following topic: PUBLIC RELATIONS IN NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Read information about this topic form different Websites on the Internet (Avoid Wikipedia and make sure its not a webpage of a PR company specializing in PR for no"

Download file to see previous pages These organizations are often charitable and do not have shareholders who demand profits from their investments; allowing for their being flexible in the achievement of most of their objectives.
Non-profit organizations need public relations to ensure that their image is not only well known in the public, but also to make sure that this image is as positive as possible. Like any other organization, non-profits also need to have a positive image in order to make sure that their operations run smoothly (Etang 1994, p.111). Furthermore, these entities, as a result of their non-profit nature, are always in need of new sources of funding because this is the only way through which they can continue to conduct their charitable activities. Public relations has become a powerful tool for non-profit organizations to enhance their image and make possible an increase in funding resulting from donations based on greater awareness of their activities.
Non-profit organizations often have to face many challenges and this is mainly because of their not for profit nature. This is especially the case when it comes to gaining funding for their activities because these entities normally do not have any other sources of income other than donations from well-wishers. Public relations allow for the development of a better view of these entities’ activities and attract donors to put their money in them; allowing for them to continue with their operations. There are however times when some of these organizations have to work without funding and this is always risky because it might result in their collapse (Schnietz and Epstein 2005, p.328). It is also essential to note that a significant number of non-profit organizations often face problems with governments over taxes and they have to work hard to ensure that their activities are well known to ensure that they get the tax exemptions that they need to help in the enhancement of their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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