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Investment Objectives - Assignment Example

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The primary objective of investment is to obtain income while ensuring security of principal. It means the selection of securities should try to avoid the erosion of initial capital invested and target those with lower risk. As the price, much of the opportunity for capital growth must be given up and accept a lower rate of income return…
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Investment Objectives
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"Investment Objectives"

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1) 1-Year Government of Canada Treasury bills
The annual yield is 0.53%. It is a zero-coupon bond and thus bears no interest. Investors receive the par value at the maturity date. It cannot be redeemed before maturity and does not have call provisions. It is issued by government of Canada, so it is considered almost risk-free as few imagine the Canadian government will default. But additionally, it has disadvantages which include:
• Low return
• No periodic interest payments
• Low level of liquidity
2) 1-Year Government of Canada marketable bonds
The annual yield is 0.57%. Marketable bonds are more liquid than Treasury bonds as they are transferable and can be sold at a reasonable price.
3) 1-Year BMO non-redeemable GIC with semi-annualinterest payment
The semi-annually compounded rate is 0.875%. Compared to T-bills, GIC yields a higher return and pays interests semi-annually. Investors can enjoy fixed income stream at each payment date. The principal and interest payments are guaranteed by BMO.
4) 1-Year Nova Scotia Bank non-redeemable GIC with monthly payment
The semi-annually compounded rate is 0.775%. Investment into different banks helps dispersing business risk and makes the portfolio even safer. For this reason, purchasing from more than one bank is better than purchasing only from BMO, despite of the lower interest rate offered by Nova Scotia Bank. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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