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Reflection for Credit management: theory and practice - Essay Example

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Our team chose Tesco plc as target analysis company. Our team divided the whole analysis into four parts and each one of us made their own individual part poster and integrated it into one. I was…
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Reflection for Credit management: theory and practice
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"Reflection for Credit management: theory and practice"

Download file to see previous pages I divided the credit score into risk assessment and credit scorecard. It was not difficult to research business model. I searched Tesco’s own business model on their website ( In order to fully learn about the business model, I also researched about other types of business models such as Environment-Strategy-Structure-Operations (ESSO) Business Model, which proved to be very useful.
I encountered difficulties when I began researching the credit scorecard part. At the beginning, I misunderstood the differences between balanced scorecard and credit scorecard, and search credit scorecard into the balanced scorecard. At the beginning, I used a balanced scorecard as analysis. However, later I found that balanced scorecard was a measuring tool for analysing the business model, there is little connection between balanced scorecard and credit scorecard. The only useful part is internal process prospective which connect to the business model and can be used to analyse the Tesco business model. For this part, I noticed that I wasted a lot of time on irrelevant research.
Under the reminder of the teacher, I know that Altman Z- score model is useful and can be used to calculate the company risk score. Altman Z-score is corporate credit risk assessment model that provides the useful information to investors which could assist them determine whether they should buy or sell a particular stock. It was a formula that you need to extract the useful information from the financial annual report to calculate it. For example, working capital, retained earnings, market value of equity and other three factors are needed to calculate. A score below 1.8 means the company is intending to go bankrupt, whereas a score above the 3.0, it means that the company is not easily bankruptcy. Tesco score is near 2.8, which means Tesco has a safety position and it’s not likely to go bankrupt However, it was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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