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Experiential Family Therapy with Case of Child with School Phobia - Assignment Example

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The paper "Experiential Family Therapy with Case of Child with School Phobia " presents Experiential Family Therapy which believes family problems are products of emotional denial by a certain member of the family. It argues families are structures with subsystems controlled by interpersonal boundaries. …
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Experiential Family Therapy with Case of Child with School Phobia
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Extract of sample "Experiential Family Therapy with Case of Child with School Phobia"

Download file to see previous pages Experiential and Structural Family Therapies will have certain similarities and differences with regard to viewing and understanding of the problem, which refusal by the 7 years old child to attend school. According to Nichols (2013), Experiential Family Therapy believes that family problems are products of emotional denial and suppression by a certain member of the family. Structural Family Therapy argues that families are structures with subsystems controlled by interpersonal boundaries. As elaborated by Nichols (2013), Experiential Family Therapy clarifies that emotional denial and suppression may be due to the belief of the family that every member should adhere and conform to the existing social standards despite having other alternative views of life. A therapist applying Experiential Family Therapy may begin by tracing the nature of the relationship that the child has with the family and school environment while maintaining focus on emotions. Even though Experiential Therapy does not focus on relationships leading to the problem, it is worth acknowledging that emotions of individuals have an attachment to a dysfunctional relationship. In case the child is not cooperating, Experientialist may have to interrogate about any inefficient relationship within the child’s environment that is responsible for the emotions leading to rebellion. Experientialist may suppose that the child’s refusal to attend school is due to an uncomforting school environment that results in the buildup of negative emotions. Alternatively, an Experientialist may view the problem as resulting from emotions caused by the failure of the mother and grandmother to provide certain needs that the child sees school colleagues having. In case of this proposition, the emotion may be due to feelings of seclusion and outcast among the school colleagues.
Treating the problem will require that the concerned Experiential Family Therapist interrogate the child and the family but with a special focus on emotion(s) of the child. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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