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Individual Project I: The Manufacturing Process - Essay Example

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Grapes that are used for production of this wine was developed by Kelvin Peterson and Kyle Peterson. For its outstanding Nokomis grape, the Winehaven Company has also received an award, U.S. Plant Patent 23276…
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Individual Project I: The Manufacturing Process
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Download file to see previous pages Since the quality of wine is highly dependent on how well the grapes were picked, Winehaven uses the traditional handpicking method to ensure only the best grapes are picked. This is done in the cool morning ours and the grapes are transported in open baskets to the winery. They are then fed to a stemer/crusher that removes the stem and crushes the grapes. The juice from the crusher is poured into fermentation vats and yeast added to initiate the process of alcoholic fermentation. Following fermentation, the wine is then racked either in oak barrels or stainless steel tanks to mature it, and it is later filtered and fined prior to bottling (“WineHaven | Wine Making Process”). The wine is finally bottled to continue aging. Air in the bottle’s headspace is removed and wine corked.
Raw materials are basic materials in their natural, semi-processed or modified state used as inputs in a production process for consecutive transformation or modification into a finished product. Production of Nokomis wine is relatively easy and use very few ram materials. Fine quality grapes and yeast are the only direct raw materials used for the production of this superb wine.
Direct materials are all items including specialized and standard, sub-assemblies and raw material required for manufacturing or assembly a complete product. In the production of Nokomis wine, medicaments (crop sprays, pest control), fertilizers and planters define the indirect materials used. They have a significant effect on the cost of the finished product.
Indirect materials are consumables such as protective devices, disposable tools and cleansing agents that are not used as raw materials. They are used for making the production work easier, better and safer for efficiency during the production process. However, for the provision of a service or production of goods, these materials make the process safer or more efficient. In Nokomis wine production, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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