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Child Protection Services - Essay Example

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The established of Child protection services efforts in New Jersey and the U.S as a whole, dates back to 1853 when the state enacted the Children’s Aid Society. The Society was tasked with overseeing the protection and provides abandoned children in the streets with residence…
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Child Protection Services
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Download file to see previous pages By 1926, nearly 18 states have developed their own versions of child welfare boards that were charged with the responsibility of coordination of private and public child0-related work. New Jersey joined the Child Service and protection bandwagon in 1974 when several states passed the child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) that allowed for federal funding for children protection services (Department of Children and Families, 2014).
The child protection services in New Jersey fall under the jurisdiction of the State’s Department of Children and Families. Formerly referred to as the division of youth and family services (DYFS), child protective services department of New Jersey is the state agency that is concerned with protecting children and their welfare. The DCF was created in 2006 as the State’s first cabinet agency that was bestowed to ptrotect the most vulnerable children and families within the state. They ensure the safety and permanency, as well as the well-being of children. They strive to achieve this by providing support to the families. While it is the constitutional right for parents to raise their children without the interference the state, the state of New Jersey can interfere with this constitutional right in the event that a child is under serious physical, emotional or psychological harm as a result of a parent’s actions or omission.
Since the inception of the Child Protection and Permanency services, the department has been tasked with investigating various allegations that involve cases of child abuse or neglect. They also have a mandate to arrange for the protection of the child, as well as for the treatment of the family. The department has undergone numerous changes in a bid to improve the quality of their services. For instance, the department recently initiated a rapid response initiative that oversaw the implementation of a child abuse hotline service. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Child Protection Services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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