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Family Communication - Essay Example

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This essay "Family Communication" dwells on the peculiarities of family communication. It is mentioned that every family has its own communication system with its own uniquely identifiable pattern through which all the family members interact and communicate…
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Family Communication
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Download file to see previous pages When considering verbal messages, which helps family members to understand each other in a better light, it helps to build better relationships within the family. Current research carried out utilizes first person narratives and other family functions to analyze patterns of interactions carried out within the family.
It also examines the communication processes of different family members in relation to its ethnic patterns, structure, and their progressive experiences which in turn affect and is affected by the society at large.
Understanding the patterns of verbal messages within the family is a great asset to its members and this is partly achieved by understanding communication within the family because it is the communication that shapes and is shaped by family relationships. For example, a couple who attends marriage education classes would be in a better position to communicate with each other on a much better level both verbally and non–verbally. Therefore by changing their communication habits after marriage, it would have a major positive effect on their relationship, not only with each other but towards other members in the
family. Another example of this would be of siblings growing close to each other when they lose both parents. They learn to communicate with each other verbally by sharing all their joys and sufferings even after they marry and move away from each other.
Non-abusive parents use more verbal “time-outs, privilege denials, and explanation of consequences to discipline their children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Family Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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