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Abstract This research work intends to analyse the impact of large supermarkets on the small town centres. The major areas under discussion and review include the concept of town centres and large super markets. This research intends to concentrate on the factors that have led to fame and popularity of supermarkets in Britain and Cyprus, the underlying weaknesses in business strategies implemented by small retail shops, the unavoidable internal and external factors for small retail and convenience stores, the steps that have been taken by British authorities to prevent spread of supermarkets at the expense of small town shops and the competence of small shops with large supermarkets…
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Download file to see previous pages Based on the discussion of the results of these statistics, a few recommendations like improved customer relations, improved the additional amenities, improved supply chain management and other retail management methods, following government guidelines like PPG6 and Town Centre Partnerships. Chapter 1 - Research Introduction 1.1. Chapter Introduction : 1.2. Research Scenario: 1.3. Aim and Objectives of the Research : 1.4. Research Questions and Hypotheses: 1.5. Scope of the Research: 1.6. Research methodology: 1.7. Research Organization: 1.8. Chapter conclusion: Chapter 2 - Literature Review 2.1. Introduction: 2.2. The Retail scenario: 2.3. Impact of globalisation: 2.4. Retail changes in UK and Cyprus: 2.5. Impact of changes on small supermarkets: 2.6. Steps to recover the Town Centres / small supermarkets : 2.7. Chapter conclusion: Chapter 3 – Research Methodology 3.1. Introduction: 3.2. ...
Primary data processing and data presentation 4.3. Descriptive statistics of the Research data: 4.4. Histogram and Tally analysis: 4.4.1. Histogram and Tally analysis of questions towards customers: 4.4.2. The Histogram and Tally analyses of the questions towards retail owners: 4.5. Correlation analysis: 4.6. Chapter Conclusion: Chapter 5 – Discussion and Recommendation 5.1. Discussion based on statistical Analysis: 5.2. Recommendations: Chapter 6 - Research Conclusion Chapter 1 - Research Introduction 1.6. Chapter Introduction : This chapter introduces the research concept in terms of the research background and the scope of the research work. The aim of the research, main research question, research hypotheses are introduced to give an in depth understanding of the purpose of this research. Finally the pattern of organizing this research work has also been given. 1.7. Research Scenario: During the past decades the shopping trends among people have changed tremendously. The people who were purchasing from market towns have started their shopping in out of town large super markets. This transition from traditional shopping to shopping under globalized and monopolized conditions was quite noticeable during the transitional period in the UK from 1950’s. The concept of supermarkets (all under one roof) was emerged that, indeed, provided greater variety, accessibility and choice of products to potential customers. The phenomenal growth of out-of-town supermarkets because of changing lifestyles of people all across the world (this will be elaborated in chapter one) compelled British government to conduct its own survey in September 1998 on nine market town locations in Britain to know the impact of these new supermarkets on small businesses and markets in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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