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The Militant Environmentalists War on Environmental Crisis - Essay Example

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It is, of course, impossible to deny that it is necessary to strive for environment saving and take significant efforts to meliorate the ecological state of affairs worldwide. The pace of the effect of the measures taken for this purpose may be referred to as low, but this does not justify acting very radically and often violently as certain people do. …
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The Militant Environmentalists War on Environmental Crisis
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England’s King Edward I threatened Londoners with harsh penalties if they didn’t stop burning sea-coal.”, and the latest news narrates about the deteriorating state of affairs, carbon emissions being the main point of concern in terms of air and chemicals in terms of water. The logical and necessary efforts on changing the existing situation for better aside, there are some organizations that make this purpose the core value of their members’ existence, and their actions often not only look at least strange, but also may lead to the radically opposite effect, that is, distract people from the sound interest on the environmental problem, due to intervention into one’s life.
The cause of militant behavior of certain individuals or groups of environmental activists is their being determined at turning the attention of the society to the most serious problems of the environment to date. This suggestion is enforced by the fact that it is quite possible that we might simply have no time to consider the environment damage we have caused and to find an adequate and effective solution as the pace of the nature destruction by humans is high, and the effect of the counter-measures taken is, on the contrary, time-consuming. The reason the behavior is violent is because there are, as Lohan states, simply no other ways the mentioned activists can get the public informed about the problem and its seriousness, as it is quite possible that the conventional organization of the life on the Earth may either disappear or be completely changed in the nearest future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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