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Advanced Ligo: Labs Open Their Ears to the Cosmos by Jonathan Amos - Essay Example

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Advanced Ligo: Labs Open Their Ears to the Cosmos, a recent story by Jonathan Amos, talks about how the Louisiana and Washington States on last Friday began experiencing the predicted gravitational waves. …
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Advanced Ligo: Labs Open Their Ears to the Cosmos by Jonathan Amos
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Extract of sample "Advanced Ligo: Labs Open Their Ears to the Cosmos by Jonathan Amos"

Download file to see previous pages This news was aired on BBC News and appeared in Sky Valley Chronicle Newspaper. These waves are flowing through the Earth especially during the occurrence of violent events in space. Jonathan observes this phenomenon as a major upgrade that makes scientist believe they will now have a needed sensitivity of picking up an exact subtle signal. Jonathan also introduces Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist who is among the pioneers of the experiment, who suggests that it would be a major surprise if no detection can be made by the labs. For instance, Thorne supports his statement on the BBC world service documentary by saying “we are there; we are in the ballpark now. It’s clear that this is going to be pulled off” (Amos, 1).
The story also talks about the Gravitational waves that are well predicted by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Thorne’s purpose, in this story, is for the description of space-time warping occurring during the acceleration of masses. However, the story has a general weakness because it describes that the phenomenon of astrophysics, placed on a true colossal scale, have the capability of generating waves. These waves are then registered on remarkable modern technologies at the northeast Livingston and Hanford at the northwest America using the laser interferometry technique. A light beam is split by the two Ligo labs thereafter sending the split two halves to the evacuated tunnels 4km long (Amos 1). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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