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The Greenhouse Effect - Essay Example

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The essay entitled "The Greenhouse Effect" dwells on the Greenhouse Effect phenomenon. Admittedly, scientists state that the earth’s temperature could increase 7.3-Fahrenheit degrees in the 21st century if humanity fails to reduce emissions from burning fossil fuels like coal and oil…
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The Greenhouse Effect
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Extract of sample "The Greenhouse Effect"

Download file to see previous pages Different greenhouse gases have different capabilities to trap heat. Some of the gases can prevent more heat from escaping than an equivalent amount of Carbon dioxide. The warming effect of a methane molecule is 20 times more than a molecule of carbon dioxide. Chlorofluorocarbons and other gases have a thousand times of heat-trapping potential than carbon dioxide. However, the concentrations of these gases are much lower than carbon dioxide. Therefore, Carbon dioxide topples all greenhouse gases in warming the atmosphere. Natural sources of global warming gases are relatively few when compared to their human-made sources. They include volcanic eruption that releases sulfur-based gases, dump, and swamps that release methane, activities of soil bacteria, and oceans. Before the ushering in of industrialization, there was a balance between the production of carbon dioxide from natural sources and absorption of the same gas by natural sinks like forests and oceans. However, industrialization resulted in new sources of carbon dioxide without providing sinks to absorb the released gases. Therefore, there was an overall buildup of carbon (IV) Oxide in the air, and consequently, the accumulation is increasing with continued industrialization.
The ultimate result of the greenhouse effect of global warming is a threat to human life and lives of other living things. Therefore, human beings need to realize that they should urgently solve this issue. Any delay and lack of seriousness will further endanger lives on planet earth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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