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Volunteer activity review - Essay Example

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Mother Nature takes care of every flora and fauna found both on the surface and beneath the surface of the earth as well as in the deep and shallow waters. Despite this concern, most humans have failed to return the favor and have embarked on environmental degradation that…
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Volunteer activity review
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Download file to see previous pages In addition to the six of us, the event also attracted other volunteers including nonnative volunteers. The event involved a number of environmental protection activities. All the participants were divided into two groups. One group was in charge of shoveling the dirt. I joined the second group. This paper therefore provides a comprehensive discussion of the activities we undertook in our group during the environmental volunteer activity.
Before embarking on the four-hour activity session, all of us had to be in the right apparels. One of the most important apparel recommendations were closed shoes and long pants. Since the activities would involve going through small thickets, the logs pants and closed shoes would be imperative in protecting the skin against harm from the shrubs or small insects that might live in the thickets. A rain jacket was also recommended just in case it rained during the four-hour session. There was also a special provision for participants who were under the age of eighteen (Noss, Westra, & Pimentel, 2000). They were required to bring a Youth Waiver Form just to prove the consent of their parents or guardians. Participants did not have to carry with them the tools needed to execute their mandates because all the tools required for the services would be provided.
The overall activities for the session were to continue with the preparation of the planting beds with assistance from the KCD Grants that was awarded to Lewis Park. This preparation needed participants to trim back and relocate plants in the areas that were selected for coming up with the new community implementation planting beds. It is worth noting that the new community implementation planting beds are found on the upper part of Lewis Park just along the Golf Dr. S and 15th Avenue. At the end of the sessions, there would be a complete amendment of the indigenous soil and restoration of the park using native plants (Hay, Stavins, & Vietor, 2004).
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Volunteer Activity Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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