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Effects of Volcanoes on Air Pollution in Japan - Research Paper Example

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This research will begin with the statement that volcanic eruption results from results when magma rises from an interior of the earth surface towards the surface of the earth. The molten magma and gases from beneath the earth at a high pressure are pushed towards the earth surface…
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Effects of Volcanoes on Air Pollution in Japan
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Extract of sample "Effects of Volcanoes on Air Pollution in Japan"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that volcanic eruption has led to creation of new features tearing down the old ones. Large eruptions are risky, sometimes killing millions of people at the time of occurrence. Eruption has an extreme impact on change on the earth climate. The complex changing processes and events on the planet’s climate results from volcanic eruption. Increase in level of radiation on the earth surface results from the volcanic eruption. Millions of individuals are potentially exposed to volcanic gases globally. Primary studies states that health hazards of volcanic gases. Sulphur IV oxide and acid aerosols generated from volcanic eruption are associated with respiratory illness and mortality in Japan. Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in most geothermal areas in Japan has associated with increase in nervous system and respiratory diseases. According to Prisma, volcanic eruption has resulted from natural hazard that has affected the human population globally. Systematic reviews reported that volcanic eruption has led to human injuries, displacement, refugee, fatality, death and mortality among others. According to the Science for a Changing World organization, volcanic eruption releases more than 130 million tons of carbon IV oxide (CO2) into the atmosphere every year in Japan. CO2 is odorless and colorless has no direct hazard to human life but it has a long life effect to human health. The CO2 increases geographical temperature leading to change in atmospheric conditions. Extreme heat from the lava entering water bodies rapidly heats up and vaporizes seawater resulting to chemical reactions. Effects of volcanic eruption highly depend on how the solids and gases from the interior of the earth eject from the ground forming various features such as mudflows, ash falls, pyroclastic flows and stream explosions in Japan. Japan has experience great effects relating to the volcanic eruption. An effect of volcanic eruption has impact on air, water, and land. The effects have both positive and negative significance to natural environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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