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Energy Policy - Essay Example

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The environment is majorly affected by soil, water and air pollution while the global warming is attributed to emission of gases and depletion of…
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Energy Policy
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Download file to see previous pages In response to reduce the pollution caused by these gases several attempt have been put in place yet the pollution is on the increase. Therefore, this paper will seek explore the available alternatives to help in the decision and identified the most feasible in all the aspects economically, socially, and politically (Meridian Corp, 1989).
In order to address these challenges effectively there are various ways that have been proposed to be adopted to help in the implementation process. They include among others emission standards for vehicles, cap and trade and tort laws. The emission standards for vehicles for regulate the kind of gases that are produces by the vehicles this help to remove the unworthy vehicles that transmit fumes in the air that cause difficulty in breathing hence become life hazard to human beings in the. The caps and trade are mostly used in to control sulphuric emissions from the power plant. The emission of gases in the air contributes much to the depletion of the ozone layer that reflects the radiation from the sun, hence, preventing the scorching effects from the sun (Weil, 1991). The other form is tort law that regulates energy developers like hydrofracking operation contaminating the stream. The affluent disposed in the water systems are regulated by the law in that the waste must be treated before they are drained into the nearby rivers this help to prevent the killing of the microorganism in the water and human being that depend on the stream for domestic purposes.
The best way to deal with energy externalities such as smog is to use market-based strategies like trade cap and trade and emission taxes. When the taxes are charged on the pollution caused by the environment, very many people would not like to incur the cost and will reduce the emission in the air. This method treats the pollutant equally. The more one pollutes the environment, the more he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Energy Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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