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Chemicals Regulation: A comparison of US and European Approaches (TSCA vs. REACH) - Essay Example

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TSCA and REACH are both directed at obtaining scientific data and information related to the chemical substances in order to provide living beings and environment with safety improved safety and protection (Searles, 2011). However, the two substantially differ in their…
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Chemicals Regulation: A comparison of US and European Approaches (TSCA vs. REACH)
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Download file to see previous pages ricts more than 50 categories of substances with some of them being restricted with limitations while others being totally banned (, 2007).
Disclosure of information is of critical importance in chemicals’ legislation because it is an opportunity for people to react to and escape from the potential chemical risks and hazards immediately. TSCA provides companies with the right to claim precise volumes of chemicals, their uses and components, and maintain the confidentiality of any kind of information generated to EPA except in the cases when health and safety studies need to be conducted on the chemical (Conrad, 2006). The ability of EPA in this extent of TSCA is restricted to the dissemination of information including identities of the company, the structures of chemical to public groups or officials of law enforcement (Denison, 2009). REACH implies the government to generate maximum possible information to the public including identification of high concern-substances subject to authorization. In view of REACH, full chemical composition, its preparation and use, its detailed application, precise volume that is manufactured, manufacturers’ relationship, downstream users, and importers are all confidential for the economic purpose of the industry (Ruden and Hansson, 2010).
TSCA necessitates submission of import certification statements for chemicals and not for articles whereas REACH obliges the importer to get the imported chemicals registered that are over 1 tonne per annum (ECHA, n.d.).
TSCA requires that manufacture of new chemicals or their import in the US that are not registered with the TSCA inventory (Torrie, 2008) cannot be executed without submitting either testing information or request for exemption. On the other hand, REACH treats the “non-phase in” substances consisting of new chemicals in the same manner as it treats all other chemicals. However, in order to be placed in the EU market, they have to be lesser than 1 tonne ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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